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Pasut, Jongmen, Andersz, and Mała Ania are the next generation of MMA!

There has never been such a mix on the MMA federation scene on the market! The gala on April 9 will be accompanied by a SHOW based on a YouTube competition. It is thanks to her that you will meet other participants of the EFM SHOW fights. Four teams, twelve players, and four captains from the headlines - you couldn't have come up with a better match!

The captains will look after four teams of three MMA fighters. Among them were:

- Robert Pasut - 1/3 Abstrachuje, 34-year-old, who started managing one of the most important YouTube channels in Poland before it was fashionable. It is famous for its extreme challenges. So his team can be sure that he will prepare her for anything!

- Alan Andersz - is still young and talented, but he has already passed his show business. Experience plus great acting - his pupils will certainly stand out in the octagon!

- Jongmen - winds up the entire Polish rap backyard faster. We feel that his charges will have no equal in the battle of words. What anyway aspects of a warrior? He started his career with the album "First Hit". So we get the impression that it may be the most important in every fight of his team

- Mała Ania - she is small, but if she knocks you down, you'll be surprised. This is the best showcase of the last EFM SHOW captain. If her group will fight as effectively as she has won a place in the Polish show business, we are sure that we will experience a lot of emotions.

It is their wards-athletes who will take part in challenges that will show their skills to MMA fans. For each win, they will earn points that ...

... will bring them closer to winning PLN 100,000

The fight will be based on the strength of the four elements - water, fire, earth, and air. During four episodes, modern fighters under the protection of four captains improve their results and prepare for the final competition.

The challenges will check which one is the best. They will have to face water, the force of a tornado, a fist of fire, and make the earth light for them. You will be able to follow their joy, difficulties, and the way to gain self-confidence on YouTube EFM SHOW called "EFM CHALLENGE SHOW".

In each stage, the winning team will be awarded points for the overall standings. Additionally, a separate audience vote will be held on social media. Thanks to it, the winning team will be able to score additional points.

The final of the competition will take place at the gala both in the formula of MMA fights and in the final challenge between the captains of the teams. The event will take place on April 9 and will be broadcast in the PPV system. A fighter's winning fight means extra points for the team. These will also be available to ... patrons. What are the teams competing for? The winners will receive PLN 100,000 for distribution!

More at www.efmshow.com

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Big clashes at the EFM SHOW! We know the winners of the event!
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Big clashes at the EFM SHOW! We know the winners of the event! Pasut, Jongmen, Andersz, and Mała Ania are the next generation of MMA! The MMA Federation is back in a new formula! EFM is a thing of the past. Meet the EFM SHOW
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