Big clashes at the EFM SHOW! We know the winners of the event!

On April 9, took place event which was organized by the EFM SHOW Federation. In the octagon, fans were provided a lot of emotions by among others, two Bulgarian fighters – Daniel Iliev and Georgi Valentinov. The EFM SHOW is a new alternative on the Polish MMA scene. The team of experienced experts as Norbert...

Pasut, Jongmen, Andersz, and Mała Ania are the next generation of MMA!

There has never been such a mix on the MMA federation scene on the market! The gala on April 9 will be accompanied by a SHOW based on a YouTube competition. It is thanks to her that you will meet other participants of the EFM SHOW fights. Four teams, twelve players, and four captains from...

The MMA Federation is back in a new formula! EFM is a thing of the past. Meet the EFM SHOW

There is no EFM, it's time for the EFM SHOW or next-generation MMA. The fight of the four elements - water, fire, earth, and air. Everything you appreciate most about a sports event, in one place! The best emotions and the best show in Poland - this is guaranteed by Michał Materla, who has become...